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Bear Styles
               Traditional Teds
Made in mohair or plush, wears a ribbon.
                  Dapper Teds
Made in mohair or plush, dressed in suitable clothing.

" Bears Gone By "
Made from vintage and antique fabrics, mohair and  vintage furs in an "olde world", reminiscent of days gone by style. Dressed in various atire.

" Gugbubs "
                Baby bears & bunnies
Made from softest mohair or cuddly plush, wearing a newborn baby outfit (removeable ) with appropriate baby accessories.

" UnBearables "
                Mutants & Weird Critters
Made in mohair, plush, leathers & various fabrics.

" Bearus Aloneus "
                            Bears with attitude problems
Created in mohair, plush, leather & different fabrics.

" Natives "
                Australian animals
Made in mohair, plush, leathers & various fabrics. 
Some designs have a cheeky disposition. 
Some have clothing, some have accesssories.

" Bears Resemblance "
                Specially Commisioned
Represent people, made from photos, made to match personlity & interests. Made in mohair, and are dressed.

" Gugamals "
                Realistic Animals
Made in mohair, plush and leather.

" Gugbugs "
Made in mohair, plush, leather and fabrics.

" Guglets "
               Minature Bears & Friends
Made in mohair and various cuddly fabrics.

We are constantly expanding our online range and its always worth considering contacting us, for that specially made Bear or Friend.

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