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Here at Guggums we've been hard at work for the last five years, creating a unique range of collector bears that  have gained a reputation for their quality & originality. Traditional  teddies, realistic animals, bugs, and creatures that defy the imagination !
         In our own way we're exploring new ground.
Our bears & friends are made from the finest materials and have many unique features. We are constantly experimenting with various aspects of the design process, new fabrics and finishing techniques.   Our bears are fully jointed at the neck, arms and legs, this allows for full 360 degree rotation for displaying our bears at their best, but a number also have extra joints in the neck,wrist, ankle and knee, while others have armature for added ability to stand and be posed even further!          Each bear comes with an artist designed hang tag which resembles an antique postcard from yester-year, as well as a beautiful momento "birth certificate" printed on Acid-Free Antiquarian Paper.

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In Inglewood,Victoria,Australia it is:

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Victoria, Australia
Tel. +613 5438 3251

To see an overview of all we make, Bear Styles is the page to see, if you want to see what is available now check out our
page. Thinking of making a bear from a kit?. Our Kits & Patterns page might be the perfect starting point.  For everything thats new and newsworthy, for pre-release offers and limited time editions then Bear Whispers is the page to check out. Interested in reading various articles about bear making, then Bear Whispers 2 is just for you.
Ordering has all you need to know on how to go about owning one of our bears.
For an insight of who is behind 'Guggums' then Artist Profile will give you a peek behind the door.    Perhaps you might like to buy some bear artwork, cards or prints, maybe have an original painting done of one of your bears or download one of our free printables; than Bear Artwork might be your first place of call.     For some really interesting other websites---- not all of which are bear related, our Links page is worth a look.  
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